Tag: Custom

  • Dovetailed Keepsake Box

    Dovetailed Keepsake Box

    A little keepsake box I made for one of my kids. Made with finished pine, sliding cover with custom carved initial on top. Dovetails were cut by hand.

  • Football Toss Game

    Football Toss Game

    Toss a football through a hoop! The Game Not complicated at all. The rings are set up about 15-20 feet away from a table that players come up to. Throw a football through the rings to get a prize. The small one is worth more because it’s smaller and more challenging to get the ball…

  • Paper Mache (Papier Mâché)

    Paper Mache (Papier Mâché)

    It’s been a versatile art technique for generations of artists, makers, and creators: paper mache (papier mâché). I’ll delve into the art of the technique, exploring the basic techniques involved, and some examples of what you can do with it. Basic Paper Mache Technique Now that we’ve established the fundamentals, here are a few examples…