Football Toss Game

Toss a football through a hoop!

The Game

Not complicated at all. The rings are set up about 15-20 feet away from a table that players come up to. Throw a football through the rings to get a prize. The small one is worth more because it’s smaller and more challenging to get the ball through.

I’d say this game is probably more appropriate for ages 6 and up. Anyone at any age can play this, of course, but it helps to be big enough to throw a football :).

We used two foam (i.e. Nerf) footballs for this, just so the player doesn’t have to wait too long between each toss.

Take note that if you’re operating the game, there’s quite a lot of running around to collect the thrown footballs. It’s a good way to get some steps/running in, but keep in mind you’ll probably be doing a lot of it.

A large blanket was hung behind the three rings so that the football would hit the blanket, and roll down for easier retrieval. This more or less worked, but after running this game for a couple nights, I’d say the blanket should really extend beyond the sides at least 3-4 feet because, well… people’s aim can really range.

Another thing I noticed is that the same set of kids would come back over and over. It was also fun to see some kids realize they were actually pretty good at throwing a football.

Making it

I created this football toss game for a school carnival. It’s made from 1″ PVC pipe, wood slats from an old bed we had, and old drum heads of different sizes that I had lying around. I literally had these drum heads in my garage for over 5 years, thinking that one day I could use them for something–and I did!

The bases of the drum head rings that connect with the PVC pipe are cut and routed MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

All scrap material, so I didn’t have to buy anything for this one. I like when that happens.

Photos from the process


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