Category: Pet Accessories

  • Cat House

    Cat House

    Here is a feral cat shelter / house / feeding station I made out of cedar and redwood. For some background, a cat gave birth to a four kittens in our backyard. I felt bad for them out in the elements, but we couldn’t take them in because my wife is allergic to cats. So,…

  • Terrarium Hide for Leopard Geckos

    Terrarium Hide for Leopard Geckos

    Created this terrarium hide circa 2016-2017 for our two leopard geckos. Form was made roughly out of paper and tape, then covered with multiple layers of stucco. Airbrushed with various colors to get desired look, then covered with non-toxic water-bases sealer. Wish I had more pictures, but I made this fairly quickly and on a…