Here is a feral cat shelter / house / feeding station I made out of cedar and redwood.

For some background, a cat gave birth to a four kittens in our backyard. I felt bad for them out in the elements, but we couldn’t take them in because my wife is allergic to cats.

So, I made a cat shelter for them out of materials I found in my garage. For a little bit of character, I also added a little arc to the header.

Mama cat took to it right away, and it remained their home for a number of months (or maybe a year?) until mama cat decided to leave the grown-enough kittens on their own. The cats eventually grew out of the one house, so I ended up making two.

Since then, the cat house has been used by the cats as well as a few unexpected cat guests over the years. Since the design has held up so well, I decided to put more thought into it and make them for others.

I’ve been custom making these now, and so far, fellow cat lovers seem to like them.

If you’d like me to make you one and you’re in the San Francisco, Bay Area, reach out and let me know 🙂


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